Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the first meeting of my american girl book club

we read thanks to nicki

it is the story of Nicki, a 5th grader who has a lot of things going on in her life. she is training a service dog and will have to give him up soon for advanced training, her mom is pregnant with twins, and she has two friends who do not like each other but she wants them all to be best friends.

i liked this book and would tell others to read it because of all the challenges that Nicki faces and because Nicki lives on a ranch instead of the city. I also like her horse, jackson and her dog, sprocket, because i love horses and dogs.

here are some pictures of our first meeting and all the fun things we did together. rebecca and i hosted the meeting at her house. our theme was halloween because the story takes place in the fall. rebecca and her mom made the snacks and my mom and i planned the craft for everyone. some of the snacks were "mummies" made from 3 marshmallows wrapped with a fruit roll-up, "bugs" made from little hot dogs wrapped in bread with ketchup and mustard markings, orange sherbert floats, and pumpkin cookies. after we ate we talked about the book. we each picked a card from the american girl book club book and read it and answered the question. it was fun to remember the book together. then we did our craft. we made little halloween tote bags for our ag dolls. we used a little canvas tote bag, glued felt pumpkins and leaves on them and glued ribbon around the top. then we played together and got really crazy. i loved hanging out with my best friend, chloe and playing with all my other friends too. cecelia went too and she had a really fun time. i can't wait till our next meeting.


Jill Duarte said...

Syd I had so much fun reading, planning and participating in your book club. I can't wait for the next one. I love you so much! - Mom

Nyla said...

Syd really like your blog.I really liked Thanks to Nicki.Love ya...Chloe