Friday, June 27, 2008

VBS Week

last week was vbs (vacation bible school) week. my group leader was mrs. briley. the things i like most about vbs are the games, music and craft. i am also really proud of myself because i memorized all the bible memory verses and recited them on my first try. i liked the games because they were so fun to play. i loved the relay race with the bikes. what i liked best about music was that it helped us memorize our scripture verses. mr. crandall was so funny. this year he called himself "fun guy" like fungi. lol. craft was the best. mrs. smith picked great crafts for us. my favorite was painting the sun catcher cross. vbs was so much fun! next year i'm going to be a jr. helper. Here are some of my friends from vbs.

Beach Night

last night was beach night! i had so much fun playing with my friends. mrs. crider picked me up from VBS yesterday. we went to in-n-out for dinner. then we went to the beach. when i got there chloe and i went in the water. then we went in the bamboo and all of the kids built a fort. then we made s'mores. yummy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

beach day with my family

on saturday my family went to the beach. we stayed all day and had so much fun. the sun was hot but the water was cool. the waves were really big so i couldn't go out too far but i had a great time jumping them as they came in.

a day with the crandall's

our friends, the crandall's came over last week. we spent the whole day together. we went on the waterslide all day and then went out for pizza that night. after that naomi and seth came over to our house for a sleep over and i slept over at sarah's house. we had a lot of fun together.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the first meeting of my american girl book club

we read thanks to nicki

it is the story of Nicki, a 5th grader who has a lot of things going on in her life. she is training a service dog and will have to give him up soon for advanced training, her mom is pregnant with twins, and she has two friends who do not like each other but she wants them all to be best friends.

i liked this book and would tell others to read it because of all the challenges that Nicki faces and because Nicki lives on a ranch instead of the city. I also like her horse, jackson and her dog, sprocket, because i love horses and dogs.

here are some pictures of our first meeting and all the fun things we did together. rebecca and i hosted the meeting at her house. our theme was halloween because the story takes place in the fall. rebecca and her mom made the snacks and my mom and i planned the craft for everyone. some of the snacks were "mummies" made from 3 marshmallows wrapped with a fruit roll-up, "bugs" made from little hot dogs wrapped in bread with ketchup and mustard markings, orange sherbert floats, and pumpkin cookies. after we ate we talked about the book. we each picked a card from the american girl book club book and read it and answered the question. it was fun to remember the book together. then we did our craft. we made little halloween tote bags for our ag dolls. we used a little canvas tote bag, glued felt pumpkins and leaves on them and glued ribbon around the top. then we played together and got really crazy. i loved hanging out with my best friend, chloe and playing with all my other friends too. cecelia went too and she had a really fun time. i can't wait till our next meeting.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


this was such a busy weekend for me. my brother had a swim meet saturday morning and i played in the rsm summer classic soccer tournament on saturday and sunday. my family was there to cheer me on. coach brad told us to be aggressive. we were. we won the first game, tied the second, lost the third, and tied the fourth. hope you enjoy the slideshow.

Friday, June 13, 2008

my playlist

hey guys do you like my new songs? i hope you enjoy these songs, they are my favorite. the praise songs remind me that God is always with me and that he loves me. he is always with you and he loves you too.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


i'm excited to have a blog. i wanted one because they look fun and i always see my mom blogging. my mom thinks it will be a good way for me to journal during the summer and learn how to type. i love to write stories and take pictures so my blog will be a good place for me to put those. i have a busy summer so i hope you will visit me often to see what i'm up to.